Play 2 Earn

  • Individual games create incentives to reward long-term player behavior (see use of tokens in “Dev to Earn”). For example, players are active in the game on a sustained basis, invite friends to play who in turn act on a sustained basis, could qualify for token distributions from the dev running the game.

  • In some cases, players will naturally progress to becoming creators, and by creating content of value, will receive rewards through the “Create to Earn” program.

  • Players that acquire NFT-backed rewards through game play may opt to sell/trade or “melt” the reward, generating remuneration for their efforts.

It should be noted that Ready is considering the potential of a secondary currency. the currency would be primarily designed as an explicit "player loyalty program." It is premature to have firm conviction on the utility and design of a potential seconary currency, but important to signal that it could provide additional benefits to the long-term growth and health of the overall ecosystem.

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