Kibho Overview: vision, strategy and platform components

Kibho is a new EVM-compatible blockchain designed to address specific challenges in the crypto space while leveraging the strengths of established blockchain technologies. With a focus on validator efficiency, stake-driven security, and optimized transaction processing, Kibho introduces a unique set of consensus parameters tailored to enhance user and validator experiences.

The project was launched in 2024 by a team formerly involved in building the Kibho project aimed at increasing the adoption of blockchain.

The Problem

The crypto industry, while rapidly evolving, still faces significant challenges related to scalability, transaction costs, network congestion, and the accessibility of blockchain technologies for mainstream adoption and complex applications.

What the crypto industry still lacks

Despite advancements, the industry often struggles with:

  • High transaction fees and slow confirmation times on congested networks.

  • Barriers to entry for new validators due to high stake requirements or complex technical demands.

  • Limited scalability options that hinder application performance and user experience.

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